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Tank cars are specialized pieces of equipment, with the interior of the car usually lined with a material, such as glass, to isolate the car’s structure from the contents. Loading a liquid into a car that is designed to carry something else can damage the tanker if the contents are corrosive.

Tank cars carrying dangerous goods are generally made of different types of steel, depending on the intended cargo and operating pressure. They may also be lined with rubber or coated with specialized coatings for tank protection or product purity purpose. They are insulated, usually non-pressurized cars (however, very light petrochemicals or jet fuel cars will be “padded” with nitrogen to remove the air in the vapor space).

These cars are larger, with an individual storage capacity of 23,000 US gal (87,064 L; 19,152 imp gal).

With a wide variety of options using tanker transports by train, West Coast Energy Group has a history of effective distribution with a variety of domestic and international carriers.

A typical train shipment we oversee can include the disposition of 60,000 barrels of oil onto one 100-car unit train each day. A 500 mile trip takes about 5 days from the point of embarkation to the point of demarcation.

Many variants exist due to the wide variety of oils and fuels we transport. Tank cars can be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized, and designed for single or multiple loads. Non-pressurized cars have plumbing at the bottom for unloading, and may have an access port and a dome, housing various valving on the top.

Pressurized cars have a pressure plate, with all valving, and a protective cylindrical housing (dome) at the top. Loading and unloading are done through this opening.

West Coast Energy Group prides itself on knowing every person, every process and every procedure involved in the safe, accident-free distribution of our oil and fuel energy products using the rails as our primary distribution method.


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