By Sea

West Coast Energy Group is known for engaging some of the world’s largest supertankers for our Ocean Distribution Division. Working directly with refineries, pipelines, deepwater ports and inland crude processing operations, our wide-ranging experience includes shipping millions of gallons of energy product using the latest technology in bulk ocean-going transport.

Oil tankers, also known as petroleum tankers, are ships designed for the bulk transport of oil. There are two basic types of oil tankers: the crude tanker and the product tanker. Crude tankers move large quantities of our unrefined crude from its point of extraction to refineries. Product tankers, generally much smaller, are designed to move our petrochemicals from refineries to consumer distribution points.

Shipping oil and refined fuel energy products via oil tanker is a complex undertaking. There are thousands of checklists, procedures, processes and personalities involved. West Coast Energy Group manages all these details and provides a seamless work flow resulting in a successful delivery every time.

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West Coast Energy Group leverages our existing relationships, proven track record and critical analysis and review of every point in the acquiring, securing, loading, shipping, unloading and distributing process of our Ocean Distribution systems.


WTI Crude Oil

Brent Crude Oil

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