Tank Farms

West Coast Energy Group delivers a range of options for our Clients regarding Tank Farm storage. We lease Tank Farms around the world. Our pre-existing inventory and storage agreements with strategically located facilities ensure your long-term contract or short-term delivery is met with all due diligence performed and executed rapidly by our management team.

Whether proprietary, for-hire, marine, go-co, pipeline bulk terminals and oil depots or bulk plants, our global experience captures revenue for our clients. Strong management and financial dependability combined with a sterling international reputation give West Coast Energy Group a means of powerful leverage to benefit our clients.

One aspect of this leverage is our ability to reduce costs associated with storage across the spectrum of tank farm facilities in nearly every major market.

“More Tank Farms are included in West Coast Energy Group’s Storage Depot Solutions Network every day. Why? Because the World Needs to Store Petroleum.”
How Much Petroleum Does the World Consume?

Worldwide consumption of petroleum was 85.4 million barrels per day in 2008. The three largest consuming countries were:

United States
(19.5 million barrels per day)

(7.9 million barrels per day) 

(4.8 million barrels per day)


WTI Crude Oil

Brent Crude Oil

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