Message from the President

From the Desk of Sarkis Terzian,

Greetings and thank you for visiting us. West Coast Energy Group is proud to have you as our guest on our website. Please accept our invitation to complete our Client Form and we hope you become our Client.

As our Client, expect the personalized attention and services you’d expect from a world-class organization dedicated to only one thing; the efficient, reliable and effective supply and delivery of oil and refined fuels at a discount anywhere in the world.

As a rule, we only accept clients who meet our stringent reporting requirements. Therefore, please take the time to review our information so you can decide for yourself if West Coast Energy Group is the right company for you.

Our methods, policies and procedures are a result of a 10 year successful track record in energy product acquisition, trading and sales.  I personally oversee to every client’s crude oil, diesel oil, fuel oil and jet fuel needs.

Let West Coast Energy Group help you meet your critical energy needs in this fast-paced, volatile and ever-changing market.

And for investors interested in attractive returns who demand a high level of accountability, we offer quarterly investment opportunities to finance our large transactions. (exceeding $100 Million USD).

I look forward to meeting the energy needs of individuals, companies, corporations and countries around the world using all the resources of West Coast Energy Group.

Thank You.

Respectfully and Sincerely Yours,
Sarkis Terzian


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Brent Crude Oil

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