Our mission is to be your critical link in the crude and refined oil fuels markets and capitalize on our intelligent analysis and reasoned decision-making when it comes to sourcing and distribution of energy products around the globe.

With a proprietary global distribution network and the capability of delivering millions of barrels of fuel anywhere in the world, West Coast Energy Group is extraordinarily dedicated to our Clients based on trust, integrity and performance.

Your energy requirements demand a supplier with a history of delivering hundreds of millions of barrels. We are Your Supplier.

Your energy requirements demand a supplier with a history of delivering the contract on a very important schedule. Your Schedule Is Our Priority.

You demand a supplier who puts his Clients First.

Whether a spot market buy or a long term contract, our pricing formula is simple;

You Get The Best Available Price Now and In The Future. Period.

We’ve developed a system of identifying market trends, supply inventories, seasonal demand and anticipate price fluctuations based on focused analysis of indexes and a matrix of delivery schedules, refinery data and timely information from our partners to maximize our impact on the market. We supply the suppliers in the supply chain.

Whether it is a one-time delivery in two weeks to supply a convoy or a two-year contract to a country, West Coast Energy Group excels at matching the exact customer requirement to the exact products you need.


WTI Crude Oil

Brent Crude Oil

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